Facebook Looks to Add Shopping to Messenger but It Won’t Look Like Amazon

Since Facebook (FB – Get Report) spun out Messenger as a standalone app, the company has been continuously expanding on its capabilities, and one of the many features being built into the app includes the ability to transact.


But don’t expect Messenger e-commerce to look like any of the social networks’ trendy Buy Buttons.

 “I really see Messenger as a new type of medium when it comes to commerce,” said Yoram Wurmser, an analyst at Forrester. “I very much think that Facebook is going to avoid slapping on a buy button. It’s a different experience –much more conversational.”

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According to TechCrunch sources, Facebook is developing a software development kit — also known as an SDK, these are tools to help developers build applications for a specific platform — that would let retailers build bots to interact with Messenger users and enable shopping. Essentially, retailers will be able to create their own version of M, Messenger’s digital assistant.

Plus, The Information discovered

Why Instagram, Snapchat Made These Big Changes – Tech Roundup

Instagram, famously bought by Facebook (FB – Get Report) in 2012 for a now-measly $1 billion, has been in the news lately. First, the social media company updated its platform, severely upping the amount of notifications users were receiving.


Now, it’s upping the length of videos users can post.

Previously, Instagram videos could only be up to 15 seconds, so its four-fold increase to 60 seconds is somewhat significant. The move comes after the company cited that time spent watching videos on the platform has increased 40% in the past six months.

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The move could also have some sort of ties to advertisement, in which longer videos would perhaps be a more lucrative format. Or at the very least, give advertisers more flexibility when it come to posting video ads.

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The new update (on iOS) will also allow

Why Apple Pay Won’t Hurt PayPal as Much as Some Fear

Apple (AAPL – Get Report) is reportedly expanding its mobile wallet beyond apps and into web browsers, but according to some analysts, PayPal (PYPL) need not worry.


Browsers have long been under PayPal’s domination, as other players tackle in-app and in-store payments, but a new report from Re/code suggests that Apple may be bringing Apple Pay to the browser later this year, meaning more competition for PayPal in its core channel.

Apple has been telling potential partners that Apple Pay will be available on mobile iOS browsers (on devices that support fingerprint ID) and maybe even desktop browsers, potentially in time for the holidays this year, according to Re/code. The announcement could come at Apple’s big WWDC conference in June.

Following the report, PayPal shares dropped 4% on Thursday, as investors feared that the Apple expansion would reduce PayPal’s market share.

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But SunTrust analyst Bob Peck thinks investors were too quick to worry.

“Apple Pay extending beyond in-store and in-app should

10 Tips to Hire the Right Graphic Design Agency

In need of a new image for your company, or just missing the fresh, inspiring brand? Here are some tips that should take some of that worry off your back:

The Gs:

1. Goals are the wheels guiding probably every human’s life and maintaining a clear picture of what your goals are is the first thing that needs to be done before choosing the best graphic design agency for your company. Be sure to know what you expect the agency to do for you, what your image should reflect. Reducing the number of options by defining your needs is the first step.

2. Get recommendations. Ask around, look for companies that resemble your ideal of marketing aspect and check their graphic designers. Always check for references though, make sure to follow reliable sources.

3. Google it. Run a Google search for the background of the agency, its previous clients and any relevant reviews. Make sure to know whose hands you’ll put your company’s brand in.

The Rs:

4. Respect the craft and make the designers respect your ideas. The graphic design agency provides the transition between the company’s image and the public.

How to Find the Perfect Spot for Your Business Center

A famous catchphrase goes – location, location, location. Although it is closely associated with the real estate sector, it holds good for every other business venture that aims to be successful. But an important question follows right behind. That question is – ‘how do you find the perfect location for our business center?’ As with most practices, there are some tricks and tips to this trade. Let us take a look into some of them.

1. The prevalent rent rates –

One of the most obvious factors that must be considered in making a decision about where to open your business center is the rent that will be charges for the premises. Or, if you are planning to buy a space, then the price you have to pay for the same must be considered. While you must not compromise on an attractive location merely because the rates are high, you must also take care to ensure that the rent for your business center is not extravagant when compared with your potential income from the place.

2. The pulse of the area –

Certain areas are the hub of all business activity, while others

Business Owner Vs Operator! How to Own Your Business


You have done it! The dream business you have always wanted to have is now a reality! You are growing, you are making money and your practice is full! BUT, and yes there is a but; you are stressed, frustrated and you probably do not know the reason why.

So let me help out here: you see us women think that or have been led to think that we are super humans/ We work, we cook, clean, do the laundry, the kids homework, school runs, we are wives, daughters, sisters, friends and on top of that, we want to be our own Bosses! Fair enough, I love being in business and an entrepreneur!

Now let me ask you something: when you were dreaming about having your own wonderful business, was this the picture you had in mind?

Did you not leave your 9 to 5 job so you could have more freedom, more time with your kids and spouse and family, more me time for self care and travel?

Now that you have and are in business, you are more miserable than ever and maybe wondering if this is meant to be.

Business Brokers Who They Are And What They Do

Since business brokers operate under the radar, many people don’t know who they are and what they do. If you are curious to know, business brokers are intermediaries who work with both buyers and sellers in order to facilitate the sale of small and medium size privately owned businesses.

For you to be a business broker you need to have the right level of education. For example, you must have a business background. You must also have attained business brokerage training from a recognized professional body such as the American Business Brokers Association.

Functions of business brokers

The brokers perform many duties such as:

  • Valuing a business
  • Marketing a business that needs to be sold. While they advertise the business, they maintain strict confidentiality. For example, they don’t mention the exact business that is being sold. They also don’t mention the owner of the business.
  • They introduce prospective buyers to the business
  • Facilitate meetings between buyers and sellers
  • Handle negotiations between the buyer and the seller after an offer has been made
  • Schedule and facilitate the closing of a transaction
  • Draft a confidential business review. The document is very important and is provided to prospects after they have signed

6 Reasons Why You Need A Business Broker

If you are planning of selling your business you should highly consider hiring a business broker. Some of the reasons why you should hire the professional include:


It’s usually challenging to maintain confidentiality when marketing your business. This is because you might not be having the right skills to protect your vital information.

A business broker is trained on how to undertake proper marketing while at the same time protecting the confidential information about a business.

This aids in protecting your employees, customers, and even your suppliers from knowing that you are planning of selling the business. Confidentiality also aids in ensuring that your business retains its stability.


There are a lot of emotions that are involved during the buying and selling of a business. The emotions are particularly very high when the buyers and sellers start making offers and counteroffers. If not well checked, emotions can escalate resulting to damage or even collapse of the negotiation process.

The broker serves as a mediator who brings the buyer and the seller together and ensures that buying and selling process goes on without any problems.

Quick sale

6 Reasons Why You Need A Business Broker

A couple of weeks ago, I checked the stats and saw an interesting comment from an unsubscriber.

She wrote, “I am not sure what I am supposed to get out of this.”

Maybe she was expecting “7 easy tips to xyz” or “5 simple steps to abc” – then sorry, I am not your gal. I truly believe our business can embody flow and ease… but only if we are willing to sit through the fire and uncover our Truth, and how we choose to express it. There is no free lunch.

(By the way, you get what you want to get out of it – we all have different frames of reference. In my world, you are NOT “supposed” to do anything.)

True, I do write about my experience often but it’s no ego trip – after all, I am sharing with you my own evolution – heartbreaks, tears and sweat – real time.

I write about it when the wound is still raw and the emotions are still flowing. I am not sitting pretty on a pedestal and showing off a sterilized version of “how I made 5 figures last

Types of Coffee for Your Coffee Business

Owning a coffee business is a potential venture that can promise you rewarding financial gain. Indeed many entrepreneurs are drawn into coffee business because of its substantial rewards. You can buy coffee shop premises anytime you want as long as you have a substantial amount of money. But buying a coffee shop for sale is one thing, running it is another.

People come to coffee shops mainly for drinking coffee, to hangout with friends, and a place to relieve their stress. But it all boils down to the reason that these people want to drink coffee. Therefore more than anything else you must offer them the best of coffee that you can give. When you invest in a coffee shop for sale, you are putting at risk a great part of your savings if you’re entering this experience blindly. Read up, do your research and ask around – is this something worth investing in?

The key to a successful coffee business is to focus on things that matters to the customer: the coffee, great service and ambiance. Your customers come into coffee shop for coffee so if you’ll serve them a drink they can make

There Are Many Things to Think About When You Are Looking at Suspended Ceilings and Designs

Having a suspended ceiling in your office can have many advantages and can really help to make it look a lot better with minimum effort and without costing you a fortune in the process.

If you have just moved into an office and it needs brightening up, one of the things you may have noticed is that the ceiling looks a bit worse for wear. Having a suspended ceiling can cover this up. This is because they hang under the existing ceiling, effectively hiding it.

This is a good option to go for as it can give any office a more modern look. The tile and grid combinations can be suited to any office and can be customised to your tastes and to make sure it fits in with anything else that you may want to get done.

Not only this but if you are looking to replace just the ceiling in your office, whether it is the original ceiling or a suspended one, then this is something that you can do as it would refresh the look of your whole office.

Many offices have a suspended ceiling as a way of hiding

Top 3 Reasons Why Meeting Space Rental Is Vital For A Business

A lot of small businesses are thriving all around the world. With the efforts of the business owners, these businesses are now thriving and with a few more promotions, they would be able to reach their competition, even the big ones.

Starting up a business is not that impossible. If you have the drive, the passion and the patience, you too could start your own business from scratch. A lot of employees from anywhere around the world were able to quit their jobs and start their own businesses.

Of course starting up a business requires more than just the service, but that’s a start. Once you have a product or a service in mind – that could be your first step. The rest follows, such as your brand name, your logo and your tagline. Aside from these basic requirements, you’ll need to consider these factors too: your team, your capital, your equipment and your headquarters.

Among these factors, one that is considered vital is your business’s headquarters. Finding the right place can be challenging; a lot of businesses today find this quite hard to accomplish. The location is an important factor in ensuring the

Got Business Backbone

If you are new to your own business or come from a corporate or a therapeutic practice background, figuring out the “new rules of business” can be confusing.

*You want to be pragmatic and have a heart at the same time.

*You find yourself trying to give away too much.

*You watch how other people do their business and decide you don’t want to do it the way they do.


How do you figure out what to do, especially when you’re just beginning or are frustrated with the lack of income and clients in your business?

Step 1- Find a coach or mentor who has done what you want to do. Experienced people who are successfully doing what you want to do in your business already exist. Their experience can help you hop over potholes that will limit you and slow down your business growth.

A great place to start with low- or no-cost coaching and mentoring is SCORE (previously known as the Service Corps of Retired Executives, but is now recognized as “Counselors to America’s Small Business”) and your local Small Business Development Center. These centers are often

How Electronic Eavesdropping Can Harm Your Business in a Lot of Ways

Many people watch one of the variety of spy movies and see the vast amount of gadgets that they possess. Upon seeing this they believe they are restricted only to these movies and can’t possibly be around in the real world. However, this is no longer the case.

Due to the devastating rate of increases in the technological field, nearly all of the equipment you see in movies is readily available to people that want and are determined to buy it.

This means that it can potentially seriously harm your business as people are able to buy this equipment in order to employ it against you for whatever reason they desire. It can happen to anyone and is something that every business should think about taking precautions against.

Although these methods were developed by governments in order to monitor things and keep their country and people safe, this equipment is being used in order to commit criminal acts no matter how small.

This has extended to the business world, not just the one you see in the movies, as a lot of business look to gain an advantage over their competitors and become

Lock Repair For Homes and Businesses

There may several reasons you need a lock repair service. If you are locked out of your home or car, you may have a more urgent need. Perhaps you have had issues with your key not working periodically or with a device sticking from time to time. In that case, you may have the opportunity to research area businesses and schedule an appointment for service.

For Your Home

You may have a lock that needs to be fixed, one that needs parts replaced, or you may need a new lock entirely. Look for companies that offer a wide range of products so you can be sure they will have what you need or have options depending on your security requirements. Be sure they have the equipment to accommodate both interior and exterior doors, as well as outbuildings, crawlspace, and other areas of your home and yard that may require security.

For Your Business

A lock repair service can come in handy for businesses for many reasons:

– Property management: Look for services that offer master key services and options to make your residents or products more secure.
– Offices: Many businesses are

Basic Information About Logistics and Logistic Services

In the last few years, logistics experts have substantially increased the number of their clients as a result of a growing economy and due to the fact that they are able to offer a brand new perspective on the logistics process of the companies they work with. The specialists from New Oxford American Dictionary define logistics as “the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies”. In simple terms, this means logistics handle planning, implementing and controlling processes in a strong relation with the goods and services flow. Through the logistics process, resources are managed as two different categories: concrete items (or physical items, such as equipment and materials) and abstract items (such as ideas and information).

What are the real tasks of any logistics expert? They are generally called logistics managers and their real assignment consists of warehouse maintenance, analyzing operational costs and risks, procurement activity, personnel supervising, organizing the storage, supervising the distribution and the list goes on. They must have IT knowledge and also, must be capable to create and adopt a marketing strategy in order to generate profits and positive evolution in a company. Logistics experts are known

Commercial Pressure Washing, The Smart Business Owner’s Best Friend

The cleanliness of your building has a huge impact on how people perceive your company. You can be one of the best businesses in your field, but you will still get passed over simply because of the dismal appearance of your office. If you invest in commercial pressure washing, your office building or business space will send the most important message that it can: Welcome!

Commercial pressure washing isn’t just for industrial or logistics companies. It’s a good idea for anyone who wants to make his or her business more attractive to the outside world. Think about it: no one likes walking into a dingy office. We want to walk into offices and businesses that gleam. A bright store or business front will tell your customers that you care about all of the finer details of your company, including the appearance of its external walls. It’s important for your business to look sharp and inviting. In addition to increasing your customers’ opinion of you and making a great first impression, cleanliness shows that you appreciate your customers and value their presence in your store.

Commercial pressure washing also allows your business to create a clean

Personalized Stamps – For Your Business

Personalized stamps may conjure images or children crafting or scrap bookers decorating memories, but the functionality of these underrated tools lays outside the confines of creative expression. Sure, these are still fine tools to add a decorative poinsettia to your Christmas cards or “LOVE” on a special note to your significant other, but they can also save your time with your signature or business authentications.

Sure, many times business correspondence is done electronically, but not always. When this is the case, you can save time with a stamp of your signature instead of writing it on ten letters to your colleagues. If you were purchasing personalized return address stickers, a stamp for that same purpose might be a more sustainable tool.

A Number of Different Styles

Once you decide to go ahead and purchase personalized stamps you will choose from a number of different design options. You will be able to select between self the size and color of your stamps, as well as the font and lettering. The options do not end there though; there are many different ways to leave your mark. Some have automatic inking features and others are more traditional,

6 Steps to Ideal Clients

This is what I posted on Facebook.

“It’s tempting to say yes to any client who offers to pay you, there are clients that quite simply are not right for you.”

As the likes and comments racked up I started thinking about that simple statement. I’ve been on both sides of “wrong client”. I’ve been the wrong client and I’ve said yes to the wrong client.

Both sides are horrible for everyone.

Regardless of what type of business you are in, a business owner is in the business of sales. Unless you sell, you don’t earn money.

When the opportunity presents itself to make money, it’s tempting to accept it.

For a moment you’re happy. Someone said yes! There is income coming in.

Then it comes time to serve that customer. You realize that no money in the world is worth the hassle that this person is causing.

If you are in a service based business you might look at your calendar and see that customer’s name on it and you’re suddenly filled with dread.

If you’re in a product based business your customer service line rings off

How to Buy Candles Wholesale for Your New Business

Candles can create ambience in any situation. Which is why it is important to have a wide variety to choose from in your store. If you are new to the candle business than you need to know how to buy candles wholesale.

When candles were first introduced to the world they were an absolute necessity. Used to obviously create light at night as well as being able to track time, they were in every single persons home. As times changed and of course the invention of electricity candles became less of a necessity. This did not mean that they were not still used, instead of being an everyday household item they moved into a new category, to become an accessory. Candles are used within homes very rarely to create light in less of course there has been a power outage, instead they are used for creating ambience and emitting beautiful scents. They are also considered to be a very nice gift for others. Having the correct candles in your store is therefore important. When you choose to buy candles wholesale you need to consider the following:

· Bulk and savings: money makes the world go round